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Double XP Week

Jul 06 2012 08:47 PM | Doombuggie41 in Articles

Hello everyone!

We have decided that this week we will be giving double the XP that we usually give out for when you vote for Olympus.

Check out http://olympus-gaming.net/vote/ to vote or just type /vote ingame.

Good Luck!

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Jun 30 2012 01:43 PM | Doombuggie41 in Articles

We are running a new webhost, PM me if there are any issues.


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Voting Rewards!

Jun 28 2012 07:55 PM | Gameguykiler in Articles

As most of you have noticed, a voting page was made to reward players who vote for the server!  Check it out here and vote on each site every 24 hours for a prize!  
Possible prizes include:
  • Random Amounts of Experience
  • Diamond Tools
  • Sets of Diamond Tools
  • Diamonds
  • Spawn Eggs
  • Sets of Spawn Eggs
  • Bottles O' Enchanting
  • Sticky Pistons
  • Diamond Armor
  • Sets of Diamond Armor
  • Golden Apples
  • Sets of Music Disks
  • Enchantment Tables
Feel free to leave a comment here on what you have received recently!

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Server Down

May 23 2012 05:06 PM | Gameguykiler in Articles

As many of you have noticed, the Minecraft, the TeamSpeak, and the TF2 servers are all down.  There was a power outage in Geek's area caused by a storm.  Because of this, the server will be down for a little while.  We apologize for the time that the server will be down and we will have it back up and running asap.

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Server Maintenance

May 12 2012 12:10 PM | Gameguykiler in Articles

The server will be down temporarily at 1 Am Est tonight for maintenance.  It should be back up at 2 or 3 Am Est.  Thanks in advance for being patient!

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Apr 07 2012 01:37 PM | Doombuggie41 in Articles

Well, as many regulars know we no longer use ventrillo. We have decided to upgrade to Teamspeak 3!

To download teamspeak 3, please visit this page.

Once you have done so, you need to connect to the Olympus Teamspeak Server that we have cleverly named ts3.Olympus-Gaming.net.

Once you have done so just contact a staff member and they will set you up an account.

Rock On!


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Apr 03 2012 10:51 PM | Doombuggie41 in Articles

1.2.5 will be compatible with the 1.2.4 server. It's recommended that you don't update, but if you accidentally do, you can still play on Olympus.

Check Here for updates

It is now safe to upgrade to 1.2.5, we have updated the server to its fullest.


Minecraft is going into 1.2.5 tomorrow! And the BEST part is Olympus is going to be update very soon as our beta server is pretty much on 1.2.5.

It will not be updated right away as some testing still needs to be done so best back up your JARs.

To back up your JAR:

To get to your .minecraft folder on a PC you need to go to... C:\Users\~\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\
To get to it on a mac ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/
On Linux just back up the JAR you use to launch the game.

~ = your username


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Mar 22 2012 08:07 PM | OneUniqueGeek in Articles

¡Hola Olympus!

A new version of Minecraft has come out today (Version 1.2.4), and I'm pleased to announce that we've successfully updated to the latest version. Feel free to update your client and connect to the server!

In other news, we've recently aqcuired a new IP address alias for the Minecraft Server. You can now connect to the server using the IP 'minecraft.tk' We figured that it'd be a lot easier to remember, and the old IPs will still work. (omcs.ath.cx, login.olympus-gaming.net, login.olympus-mc.net, etc.)


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Olympus TF2

Mar 10 2012 09:38 PM | Drummergeek in Articles

Hey Olympus,

We have just put our TF2 server up again after a while of us having kept it down. At the moment it is only an 8 slot but if we find that it becomes popular within out community and externally, we will upgrade it to a full 24 slot server.
Hope you all come and play!

IP: tf2.olympus-gaming.net


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The site is back up after maintenance

Mar 05 2012 02:46 PM | Doombuggie41 in Articles

The site is back up after maintenence, please report any issues to geek or myself.

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