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Lord Ravenclaw

Lord Ravenclaw

Member Since 21 Aug 2012
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About Me

I'm Josh; I'm 20 from Coventry in the United Kingdom; I am also known as ComplexityBrit or Professor Complexity on the web.

I'm a newbie to Minecraft, which I purchased for my 9 year old brother; after he was pestering my parents for months about it - I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did, or to find a community that I enjoy taking part in - but I have, and therefore plan to stay.

I'm an old-school Roleplayer; I roleplay on Facebook as Lord Ravenclaw. I also run a Roleplay Website called Hogwarts Rebuilt; I am also a newbie Modder for Skyrim and Oblivion (games of The Elder Scrolls series) and have been gaming since I was a child. It's a trait that I inherited from my dads family - it's one thing that both my brothers, all of my cousins and I have in common: the appreciation of good games. Although I am probably the only one besides my 9 year old brother who appreciates Minecraft.

I was referred here by Doom (aka Ryan) when I purchased Minecraft a few weeks ago and asked him for a server recommendation. I know Doombuggie from The Engineering Guild, a modding guild primarily focused on Fallout and Elder Scrolls.

I quit the guild at the start of the year because I could no longer tolerate the attitude of the founder towards those who play Consoles - PS3/XBOX etc. PC elitism annoys me, but as long as you aren't a complete dick to me, I'll be nice to you.

I'm actually pretty easy to get along with, although I can be quite blunt with my opinions at times; honesty is the best policy and sometimes, it helps to be completely honest and avoid any problems rather than stay silent and have to jump through hoops later on.


I have the tendency to start a crusade when I feel strongly for something... and despite my background I'm also fairly open minded... If I feel that something needs to be done about an issue I've found, then I'll speak to people who may have an interest in it, and go from there... teamwork is the best part of being part of Olympus, even though some people can be so infuriating I feel like rage-quitting sometimes.


Unfortunately, there comes a point when you are sick of crap - if you decide to start ranting to me, about the injustice of your former colleagues, or how much of a dictator admin-so-and-so is, then while I'll keep quiet about your opinion and will hold your secrets, I will not appreciate it if you badmouthing me to other people - that isn't on. What it then means though is that whatever secrets I held will be fair game - everything has a consequence, and once you lose my respect, you will not regain it.


At the time of writing, I am co-owner of Noctura (the closest city to spawn, across the Jungle and Desert Biome), I am also the holder of a significant part of the desert around the city, in which I have built a rather large fortress system called Eaglefeather Province, which connects to two manor houses and a castle; the first two which are owned by Mistydrop and Nikolai respectively, the castle which is owned by myself.



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